Upgrade Your Stock F-150 Wheels and Tires

Upgrade Your Stock F-150 Wheels and Tires without a lift or level kit.We upgraded our F-150 XLT stock Michelin 265/70R17 tires to 285/70R17. We didn't want to purchase a lift or level kit at this time, but we did want a more aggressive look. Going up to the 285 really help achieve that meaner look and I have plenty of clearance with no rub issues. I was a bit worried about going up in size without getting at least a level kit, but they fit great.

For the upgraded tires, we decided to go with Nitto Trail Grappler G2. Very quiet tire even on the highway with an impressive 65,000 mile warranty. We also upgraded to V-Line branded aftermarket wheels to help achieve the aggressive off-road look even though we didn't lift or level the truck. More photos available on our Photos page.

If your tires still have some life in them, sell them along with the wheels on Graigslist. You will be surprised by how much your used wheels and tires go for.



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