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Sep 21, 2016

Title: Arturan Patrol Cruiser
Name: Cai
Age: 10

Sep 21, 2016

Title: Max Jet Fighter
Name: Liam
Age: 6

Sep 15, 2016

Title: HMS REM
Name: Remus
Age: 9

Aug 15, 2016

Title: Junkyard Project
Name: Morgaine Lissner
Age: 11

Aug 15, 2016

Title: The Epic Robot Battle
Name: Vincent Lissner
Age: 7

Aug 13, 2016

Title: INS Phoenix
Name: Phoenix
Age: 9

Aug 3, 2016

Title: CCRP Air Force Fleet
Name: Charlie Robles
Age: 10

Aug 2, 2016

Title: Lego Base
Name: Nathan
Age: 9

Aug 2, 2016

Title: Ultimate Cyborg
Name: Charlie Robles
Age: 10

Jul 28, 2016

Title: Motorcycle MOC
Name: T-fresh
Age: 12

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Just want to say the biggest thank you to you. We tried hard to keep all our instructions but a number were lost. Now, 15 years later we are trying to reconstruct. We were about to give up on a few of the kits before finding your wonderful site.
Cheers, Gill and Ian

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Name: George
Age: 11
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Set number: 1815
Title: Paradise Lifeguard
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