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Jun 22, 2016

Title: Jurassic Community Park
Name: Sanidhya Samal
Age: 5

Jun 20, 2016

Title: The Indian Dinosaur
Name: Atharv Chopra
Age: 7

Jun 17, 2016

Title: Formula 1 Super Car
Name: Ryan Wehbe
Age: 8

Apr 28, 2016

Title: Egyptian Tomb
Name: Maia B
Age: 9

Apr 10, 2016

Title: Red and Yellow Car
Name: Izik
Age: 6

Apr 10, 2016

Title: Exploding Skyscraper
Name: Izik
Age: 6

Apr 2, 2016

Title: Jet Pursuit
Name: Steven Lucas
Age: 8

Mar 26, 2016

Title: War Ship
Name: Johnathan mchenry
Age: 11

Mar 26, 2016

Title: Fire Eagle Experience
Name: Steven
Age: 8

Mar 25, 2016

Title: Air Ambulance
Name: Lukas
Age: 4

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This site is brilliant - I found lots of instructions for old sets that I have and now my kids can have great fun with my old LEGO® sets as well as the new stuff. thanks

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Super Science Machine
Name: Kaleb M.
Age: 6
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Set number: 1809
Title: Aeroplane Condor
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